25 Januari 2010

Statement of Confrence

Statement from the International Conference
“Kemerdekaan dan Perubahan Jati Diri: Postcolonial Indonesian Identity”
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta 14-15 Januari 2010

As Indonesian and International historians, we oppose the banning of book in Indonesia recently. For example, John Roosa’s book Dalih Pembunuhan Massal. This book is an objective work of historical scholarship. Its original English version has already received high praise throughout the world and is including in teaching curricula in Indonesia and other Asian countries, Australia, North America and Europe.

As we understand it, the banning is based on outdated laws. Indonesia has made great progress in achieving democracy over the past decade, and this attack on academic freedom represents a set back for Indonesian society in its struggle for a free and prosperous future. The articles presented in the conference gives a picture of an Indonesia that from its inception intended to develop a national identity that would accommodate differences of opinions and appreciate uphold the academic freedom of experiences since the early period of independence. We hope that the relevant authorities will reconsider this banning as quickly as possible.

Yogyakarta, 15 January 2010

1 J Thomas Lindblad (PhD, Leiden University)
2 Robert Cribb (Professor, Australian National University)
3 Bambang Purwanto (Professor Depatment of History UGM-InSI)
4 THEE Kian Wie (Ph.D, Senior researcher of P2E LIPI)
5 Adrian Vickers (Professor The University of Sidney)
6 Henk Schulte Nordholt (Professor VU University Amsterdam)
7 Marieke Bloembergen (PhD University of Amsterdam)
8 Freek Colombijn (PhD VU University Amsterdam)
9 Arya Wanda Wirayuda (Master candidate pascasarjana UGM)
10 Helen (Master candidate Pascasarjana UGM)
12 I Nyoman Wijaya (PhD, Historian UNUD)
13 Wartoyo (PhD Candidate, Historian UKSW)
14 Sitti Maryam (Master of history, UGM)
15 Dede Rohayati (Master candidate Pascasarjana UGM)
16 Zaiyardam Zubir (PhD candidate UGM- Universitas Andalas)
17 Aplonia D Yanggon (Master candidate Pascasarjana UGM)
18 Faizatush Solikhah (Master candidate Pascasarjana UGM)
19 Razif (Master of history UGM, Institut Sejarah Sosial Indonesia)
20 Sri Margana (PhD, Department of History UGM-InSI)
21 Widya Fitrianingsih (Department of History UGM)
22 Budi Agustono (PhD candidate UGM-USU)
23 Dhanang Respati Pungguh (PhD candidate UGM-UNDIP)
24 Baha Uddin (Master of history UGM)
25 Mutiah Amini (PhD candidate UGM)
26 Abdul Syukur (PhD candidate UI-UNJ)
27 Yuke Ardhiati (PhD Trisakti)
28 Yuyun Fatimah (UGM)
29 Rahmat S (UNY)
30 Nurhadi (UIN Jogja)
31 Hayasi Eichi (PhD candidate Keio University, JSPS)
32 Frank Dhont (Yale University)
33 Abdul Wahid (PhD candidate Utrecht-Department of History UGM)
34 Uji Nugroho W (Department of History UGM-InSI)
35 Hilmar Farid (PhD candidate National University of Singapore)
36 Farabi Fakih (PhD candidate Leiden University-Department of UGM)
37 Abdul Syukur (PhD UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung)
38 Ratna Saptari (PhD Leiden University)
39 Eni Sugiharti (Master of History Unair)
40 Asti Kurniawati (Master of History, UNS)
41 Basrin Melamba (Master candidate UGM)
42 Abdul Ghofur (Undergraduate Student UGM)
43 Ravando (Undergraduate Student UGM)

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